Friday, January 14, 2011

Gluten-free/vegetarian for the most part

I mentioned possibly that I may have some digestive problems. I look(ed) 9 months pregnant! So I decided to do something about it by cutting out meat - it's hard to digest. Not a problem since I don't eat a ton of meat anyways. I was trying to because I thought I needed more protein. Then I cut out gluten because most of my diet involves gluten - I love baked goods. So that was tough since I no longer get to bake... once a week I do though! :) I decided to give Babycakes NYC's banana bread recipe another try now that I'm at home and have all the ingredients. I even went out to buy xanthan gum.

After looking for recipes, I decided on the banana bread laced with chopped Chuao coffee and anise chocolate.

With some red tea and a slice of banana bread, I'm completely and utterly full. Now I must work it off...

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