Friday, January 7, 2011

Day 6 and in need of a back-up plan for tomorrow.

No snow but we got a 2 hour delay. I woke up early to go to boot camp and step classes. Then off to work, a 15-minute break, and found out that kids were getting dismissed at 1:30. Except for my darling, all the kids got picked up by 1:30 when their parents didn't get notified until 1 or after. I'm glad they did though. We had to stay till 3:30 though, which gave me ample time to hit up kickboxing and yoga. I even stayed for hip hop, which became Zumba because the instructor couldn't make it. Okay, so the last class was a joke because I didn't do very much.

  • Breakfast - 1/2 apple, green tea
  • Lunch - 1 c. butternut squash
  • Snack - 1 apple
  • Dinner - 1 package (2 servings) Tofu House Shirataki noodles w/ 1/2 serving (1 tbsp) The Heat is On PB and lime juice; Ole Extreme Wellness Fiber tortilla w/ 1/2 serving (1 tbsp) Sunland banana PB and blueberries
  • 8:30AM - boot camp in which I used kettlebells, worked on my biceps/triceps, and did lots of squats
  • 9:30AM - step class... I need more to get used to them
  • 4:30PM - kickboxing!
  • 5:30PM - yoga
Proud moments
  • I learned to use a kettlebell!

  • I tried my hardest with leaps in kickboxing.
  • Yoga felt awesome because the instructor is funny and earthy.
  • I felt all the workouts today during yoga.
Now it is snowing and accumulating quite a bit. I need a back-up plan for working out tomorrow. I was going to try step, weights, and yoga if I can make it, but it's kind of doubtful... :/

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