Sunday, October 16, 2011

Eating good and right

I'm so behind on my reading of Water for Elephants. Well, okay, a day behind, but that's quite a bit. Today was filled with attempting to ride my bike north, but I wasn't feeling it so I got halfway there and rode all the way back home... not before I stopped for some brie for my lunch. *Breakfast was non-existent. Bad idea.

Yesterday, I used goat cheese, but today, I wanted brie because it was inspired by Portola Coffee Lab's fig and brie sandwich on wine flour foccacia, which I think is from Blackmarket Bakery. Doesn't that bread sound amazing?

I watched a bit of "Terri," but it wasn't quite good so I went to Long Beach instead. First, Roots Gourmet for a pumpkin spice latte. Like all pumpkin lattes, it was expensive, but they did allow me to . I also walked around, got some apples at Trader Joe's, and saw Pa's Pumpkin Patch, which wasn't all that great. I wish there was a better patch for me to go to since it seems everyone is enjoying non-urban pumpkin farms. :)

However, Roots Gourmet did not have any desserts that captured my attention. Au Couer de Paris had some delicious, small offerings.

It was in a small box so the picture is almost life-sized, and I totally ate them all: a chantilly, a peanut butter macaron, which was really peanut buttery!, and a surprisingly amazing eclair au cafe. The latter was my favorite. It had chock full of chocolate inside and had coffee on top.

The egg whites I also bought today served as dinner with some Miracle Noodles and pasta sauce. Very simple since I'm not too hungry. It still filled me up.

I've been drinking some beers lately, to enjoy and relax, but also because I love pumpkin/seasonal beers. Bootlegger's Brewery was suggested by an employee at Whole Foods as one of the best local breweries. I purchased a bottle of some pumpkin ale from Farmer's Harvest last week. I just picked it up not knowing what kind I purchased until I looked at it today...

I've had a couple of beers this past week so I'll save it for next week, which starts tomorrow. :) It's also huge so I'll need to share.

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