Monday, October 17, 2011


It isn't easy, but I'm doing it. I hope you don't mind. Inspired by this short 21-day diary, I'm going to start on the journey of recovery with you guys.

Quick deets: I was overweight most of my life. I went up to 185 pounds. I went down to 125 healthfully. The last 10 came off in 3 weeks with a ton of exercise - typically 3-6 hours per day during the summer. Positive acknowledgment led me to continue with 2-3 hours even when I got a job. I lost my menstrual cycle. A few months later, I ballooned and gained 10 lbs then more.

I tried to fix it. I count calories like a crazy woman. I eat under 1200 calories and can't stuff myself with much more.

I'm at 130-135 now. I look okay. My bottom is totally larger than my top. My stomach blows up somedays. For the first time yesterday, I weighed myself neither celebrating nor freaking out.

This is my recovery.

Pre-workout half Shakeology. 30 mins on elliptical. Shower. Breakfast: low carb tortilla, egg whites, spicy black bean dip and pineapple salsa from Trader Joe's, a few crumbles of goat cheese, & a spread of avocado.

*Look for pictures soon!

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