Sunday, October 9, 2011

Sunday cycling adventure

I woke up early. 7AM, which I guess in the blogger world isn't so early but it's early for a single girl with a job that starts later in the day. Anyhow, I didn't get out of the house till 8AM and had Blogilates' protein pancakes once again! I had to go out of my way to buy a banana this morning until I had a chance to head to Trader Joe's.

And once again, I had the pancakes with some PB & J, or well Nutella since my cousin had a jar. I ate outside and fed the dog a little goat cheese. He absolutely love goat cheese.

I rode out to the beach. The ride south was tough. My eyes were stinging from the sunscreen and the sun was pretty high in the sky already! I definitely rode slower than last week.

Today's sights included a man with two parrots on his shower, just walking around. There was also a school on the left side of the path and on the right, on the beach, was a playground and basketball courts. Fancy.

More people sat on their beach side porches this week so I peered in as I rode by. Gorgeous home especially past the first pier in Newport and towards Balboa. I didn't make it all the way to the end of the Balboa Peninsula, but it was starting to look like a ton of houses.

I also saw the instructor I spoke of yesterday, Jamie! She was on her run in Newport Beach when I stopped and walked over to Seaside Bakery for the insides of a jalapeno ham and cheese croissant (yeah, I only eat the ham and cheese and only the bits of croissant with cheese on it!). What a co-in-ki-dink!

The ride back was even worse! It was good at first since my eyes stopped stinging, but then the wind came and I was riding super leisurely. 18 miles down for the day.

Maybe I'll go north next week.

Thankfully, the way home was easy and I stopped by Trader Joe's for bananas and peanut butter Puffins! They're so much bigger than the original and cinnamon Puffins! They're also a lot airier.

Lucky for me there was a Big 5 Sporting Goods right next door and they had a HUGE selection of women's lifting gloves. The pair I got was $12.99 but on sale for $9.

I'm glad I didn't order the white Valeo ones online because those were kind of odd looking in person.

(image from Amazon)

Showered now, I'm going to relax. I'll read more of Firefly Lane, which is surprisingly easy to read and not some frilly Nicholas Sparks romance (I read those too and have been told the best book is his biography), and rent some 49 cent movies from Blockbuster (Sundays only!).

I have to get home early tonight! We're meeting my cousin's boyfriend and having family dinner.

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