Monday, October 3, 2011

Owls out. Foxes in.

Happy Monday and the beginning of October... in my opinion even though it's the 3rd. :) So far so good though on two days of good eating. Another :) there.

I started off my morning waking up pretty early and heading to the gym for 25 minutes on the bike before hitting TurboKick. It was fun again, which working out hasn't been in awhile. :/

Lunch: mango salsa mixed with chicken over spinach

Modified Mondays are awesome because I don't have to go to work till 11 and allows me to get to one of my favorite instructor's classes. But what's even better? The classes aren't an hour and a half; they're only 30-45 minutes and the day goes by much faster.

After work, I headed to the library for movies and books as well as the store for some Biore pore strips and clay face mask.

Free Sokenbicha from Whole Foods when we stopped by also included. I picked a barley tea with cinnamon and ginger.

I picked up a couple of movies, "Corrina, Corrina," which I'm watching now while my pore strip is on. I had to restrain myself because I typically like to use them all over my face. At the price of them though, I couldn't afford it. So I bought Freeman facial clay mask with avocado and oatmeal since it's cheaper and I like them more than peel-offs.

I rented "Fantastic Mr. Fox" also. I've seen it and liked it but thought my cousin would like it. She did not. :/

As for the books, I'm excited but now confused as to which to read first. I grabbed so many! I'm putting The Devil in the White City on hold. It's a good but tough read. Instead, I'm reading a super easy one that I can knock out tonight or tomorrow, David Sedaris' Squirrel Seeks Fox. I think the Brady Brady Brady book will be next and then either Firefly Lane or Water for Elephants. Finally, I'll finish up with A Tiger in the Kitchen since I just read The Joy Luck Club and am good and caught up on my ethnic memoirs. :) I had to get it though.

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  1. First time I've seen my book in nicely plastic-wrapped library packaging! Enjoy the read...Cheers.