Wednesday, October 26, 2011

2 days of plan Bs

I've been cancelled on twice this week, and have reluctantly rescheduled both.

Today was not as bad though. I didn't drive all the way to LA; just Newport Beach. My new job was having a store visit.

I headed home and realized that it would prove more difficult than getting to work. I took a roundabout way today but won't be able to do that everyday.

I stumbled upon the gym and biked for 20 minutes before a power sculpt class. Not a lot of weight but many repetitions. I could feel my booty especially after 3 different Blogilates workouts and this morning's Cardio Rev Conditioning.

I also saw a former high school classmate. I don't prefer seeing anyone from then - bad memories - but I definitely liked who I saw. First off, it was a guy and it was one I'd known for a long while. However, I didn't socialize with him outside of class too often. Which is good. Great, fun, and nice guy. Win.

I also reconnected with a former close friend, also a dude. We did socialize beyond class, but we've known each other since 1st grade! I hated him mostly up till high school. In this case, we know so much about each other and accept one another for all our mistakes.

I stopped by the store and saw chocolate almond milk. Fitnessista's minty hot chocolate immediately popped into my head. I searched for mint tea and actually chose a holiday one, Candy Cane. I know, Halloween isn't even over.

I made myself some delicious tea after a chicken and broccoli dinner.

I also picked up the ONLY Peanut Butter & Company peanut butter I haven't tried: Mighty Maple. Actually, I think I have already tried it. It's not my favorite, but I also got White Chocolate Wonders.

P.S. Some Targets now carry PB & Co!

Here's my handmade to do list for tomorrow:

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