Friday, October 7, 2011

Early morning groceries

It's finally Friday, and I've realized that I can't do 24SET twice in a week when it's the exact same routine with the same instructor. I did great thus far this week with maintaining a consistent schedule.

I still woke up early and did 20 minutes of Dawnelle's power sculpt yoga from YogaDownload. It was pretty intense for 20 minutes. I could tell I was in need of stretching - it felt awesome. I'm definitely doing more later.

I went to Trader Joe's for an AM nosh of their chicken burger sample then came home and made myself a giant extra protein(!) omelet, which was originally supposed to be Blogilates' protein crepes.

The pan was too large though and the crepe spread throughout the entire surface. I attempted to flip the crepe and though it came off easily, I accidentally folded it in half. So omelet it was! With a tad bit of strawberry jelly on top and half a small banana on the side.

I'm thinking about a yoga class tonight since I've got BodyPump AND TurboKick tomorrow, and need some stretching in my life. Or a rest day... whichever.

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