Wednesday, October 5, 2011

The first step: the front door

Mom mentioned that a home in my uncle's track is for sale. It's gross. The carpets are a mess and the bathroom is horrendous, but she believes that it's a good price for the neighborhood. Also, she'd have enough to fix it up.

I know, it's not as nice as all the others' bloggers eventual homes, but it would be a major project to tackle and tons of fun, right?!

This may not be our home, but it's something we'll have to look forward to... sadly. :/

There's a lot to fix, but I just have to address with this picture alone.
  • Front door is horrible. I hate those shiny etched glassed doors!
  • Landscaping OF COURSE.
  • Ugly prison/schoolyard fencing. Don't ya love that school yard and prisons are related here?
So I decided to find pictures of better options. Starting with the front door...

Growing up, we had a pretty solid door but had windows on the top. Tall people could see inside and knew if we were home and if we were trying to hide from their sales. So no windows please, unless of course, they're awesome/not etched/lack flowers.

Clearly, I like color. :)

(image from With Love From Kat)

(images from Adobe Love)

(image from HGTV)

This would still creep me out...

(image from Apartment Therapy)

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