Tuesday, January 10, 2012

"Google exercises to replace squats."

I discovered that chest presses and flies on a stability ball absorbed some pressure away from my shoulders so when I found these squats in Beat the Gym, I thought they might work. Apparently, it is widely suggested by many to use stability balls, particularly for chest presses.

Today's goal was to find replacements or adjustments for squats. They're the best, but I have trouble feeling it like I used to. Maybe it's my hip. In any case, since the chiropractor is not the picture right now, I decided to look for some help. Here are the results:

Squat with stability ball


Single-legged squat with stability ball


For the last two, maybe add weights or a shoulder press.

This is more squat-like than lunge-like.



What exercises do you use to work your bottom half?
What's your favorite way to use a stability ball?

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