Sunday, January 8, 2012

Oops, I bought it again

$150 is pretty expensive for arch support. I stumbled by Road Runner Sports while returning books and had some time.

I stopped in and saw a wall of insoles. They look much more solid than Dr. Scholl's, and on sale at $20 pretty hard to beat.

I tried them on and voila, I bought a pair for my newer sneakers. Now, all my sneakers have insoles.

I'm slowly taking on the day - I don't have work till 3 (and only till 6:30).

My morning Shakeology Greenberry and a few pieces of soy chicken kept me full till lunch: shrimp with some bonuses over spinach.

P.S. Unlike the deliciousness of soy chicken, soy shrimp is gross. It's comparable to raw scallops. Gross.

What is your favorite and least favorite soy product? Soy nut butter is also gross. I like soy nuts though.

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