Saturday, January 14, 2012

New moves: Shakedown day 1

I joined the January version of 30 Day Shakedown over at one of my fave studios, Studio Fusion. The prices are usually steep, but I got a great deal. I get both Shakeology and a month at the studio. They offer barre, Zumba, and Pilates among others.

I started my day off with leftover Shakeology Greenberry. After the workout, which was pretty light (35 minutes after it was all said I done), I had to get going for a family event. I was hungry though so I had shredded chicken mixed with avocado, broccoli, and hint of jalapeno tortilla chips, and the other half of this coconut water.

I'll stick to regular, plain coconut water as the lemon-lime was too overwhelming. Though, it gave me needed potassium.

After four hours over at my family's house and they were done eating, I swung by Whole Foods for some fresh ground honey peanut butter. I spread it on a La Tortilla Factory high fiber/low carb tortilla and sliced 3/4 of a banana in it. Again, yum.

I intended on running 3 miles, but I chickened out. Not only was the weather overcast but I felt gross after being around all the oily food. I had to pick up egg rolls for the event that stunk up the car and made me feel sick... :/

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