Thursday, January 19, 2012

How to be a teacher

After reading this article, I decided I needed to get going on being certified to teach in California. All I have to do is... take this exam. One measly exam.

I've already studied for and taken the CBEST exam to become a sub, but I never sent in the application. :/ Yeah, that's me: do all the hard work and not send in the app. Partly, this is because I started a job that wouldn't allow me to sub anyways. So actually, I'm putting that and the fees off till later.

Remember, there are no to dos too small.
  • Take CBEST to get sub license
  • Submit sub app
  • Start working in a school district
  • Call for LiveScan to add to sub license app
  • Print 3 LiveScan forms
  • Buy study books for CTEL Just $44
  • Take CTEL
  • Pass CTEL
  • Submit app
  • Take exam for certification in math
  • Sign up for classes to get an add-on credential... this will be thought out later

I also took a nap and painted my nails for good measure, but that last thing that took me a few minutes to do made the day an accomplishment. :)

While I'm celebrating my successes today, I'm congratulating myself for 15 minutes of running this morning - that's a little more 1.5 miles for me!

How were you successful today?

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