Friday, January 13, 2012

Power through Friday the 13th

I had a very healthy appetite today. I woke up a bit hungry so I drank a Shakeology Greenberry. I made the mistake of getting Greenberry when I got sick of having chocolate but Greenberry is pretty gross. If I go back on Shakeology, I'll have to try the tropical version coming out on V-Day. Luckily, I won't have Greenberry for too much longer.

This morning's workout was from Beat the Gym. It looked promising.

Cardio & strength workout with dumbbells:

Do 1 set of 10 reps each.

10 15 mins treadmill elliptical
incline dumbbell chest press 15s (30)
bent-over dumbbell row 17.5s (35)
dumbbell side raises 10s (20)
dumbbell tricep kickbacks 10s (20)
dumbbell curl 10s (20)
squats with dumbbells 25s (50)
dumbbell stationary lunge each side 25s (50)
dumbbell deadlift 25s (50)
10 mins StairMaster
repeat strength circuit
10 mins stationary bike

The reality: great cardio cycling but not enough weights. Because of that though, I was able to do more weight than I thought.

Again, I had trouble with arms. My shoulder is still taking a lot of work. One of my students suggested concentrated bicep curls with my arms resting on an decline.

I added a few exercises in with the circuit:

Squat with a stability ball
, which went well. I'd have to add some hand weights to feel these though, or do tons of them.

...and attempt at 8 lb bicep curls on the Bosu ball.

Now that I've found a Bosu ball, I am totally going to find some Bosu ball workouts.

I'll have to adjust the workout for strength, but the cardio was fantastic. I was afraid I'd be tired after the first circuit and would die on the StairMaster. The opposite was true. Maybe I like being the tallest person at the gym... thanks to the stair climber.

I had shredded chicken mixed with avocado over spinach and some goat cheese after the workout.

I went to work with my PB and banana sandwich to find that it was moldy! Ugh. Thankfully, I had time to make a PB and banana on a tortilla. I must've been hungry because it was the most satisfying thing I've had in awhile. It's on the menu for tomorrow.

I dreaded working at night, but the shift was quick. I also worked with an agreeable lady.

I had a Chobani blood orange right as I got into my car. Same as the others. Lemon is still/will always be my favorite.

Dinner included 3 soy chicken buffalo wings from Mother's and miracle noodles with Trader Joe's spaghetti sauce with mushrooms, finished off with an apple and some hint of jalapeno tortilla chips.

I did eat a bit too much Biscoff cookie buttah with my apple though. Eek... Good thing I have plant enzymes.

So full and happy... and tired. I only slept 5.5 hours since I took a nap yesterday. It was enough when I woke up but I'm definitely dying now.

I'm off this weekend so I'll update tomorrow.

How are you relaxing this weekend? I have a special workout tomorrow morning, a family function, a nice long walk outdoors planned, February's issue of Cosmo to read, and books as well for tomorrow. Sunday will be even more relaxing: workouts and nothing planned!

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