Sunday, February 12, 2012

Saltier than sweet workday

Costco's Kirkland brand of goat cheese is nothing compared to Trader Joe's honey goat chevre, but it's cheaper. I don't eat too much cheese though so I think I can swing some fancy cheese. Instead of goat cheese, I decided to get this limited edition English cheddar with chocolate!

Cheddar melts so nicely on my egg white English muffin sandwich.

I wasn't quite hungry when my lunch break rolled around 4:15, but I knew I would be hungry before I got off. I decided to eat half of my chicken and broccoli.

In an attempt to reduce sugar, I've been eating saltier food. Though there's not much salt in this mini meal.

Around 5:45, I started to get really hungry and decided to grab a slice of pizza over at Mother's Market. I didn't have enough water for all the jalapenos!

This really hits the spot, as it always does. Plus, it's perfect since I'm beginning Jamie Eason's LiveFit Trainer tomorrow! I've been reading a lot about it and coincidentally, fitness model M.C. Barao's 3rd challenge is with LiveFit.

Off work now and ready to watch the Grammy's. I'm excited to see Adele's first performance post-surgery. Anderson Cooper's 60 Minutes feature on her reminded me of how great she is!

Afterwards, it'll be a sprint to finish The Hunger Games. Almost done...

Also, read the news. A customer came in, telling us she just moved from Greece as the capital is burning! I had no idea. What does that say about us? :/

What's your favorite Whitney Houston song? "When You Believe" with Mariah Carey and "My Love Is Your Love" are my favorites and I love the movie "Waiting to Exhale." I mentioned a few days/weeks ago that I wanted to see it again. We used to own it on VHS.
Which artist are you/were you must excited to see perform? Adele, of course.
Do you keep up on international news? I want to but never do.

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