Sunday, February 12, 2012

First step: LiveFit Day 1

Today begins my adventure with the LiveFit Trainer. This will require more discipline on my part.

7:20am woke up
7:35am breakfast: slice of egg white bake and Nature's Path Optimum cranberry-ginger oatmeal

8:15am LiveFit Day 1 workout with my makeshift print out since I don't have a printer on hand

9am TurboKick, but I went light!
10am PiYo - my favorite!

11:15am post-workout protein shake: French vanilla Designer Whey (not good but cheap & better with the add-ons), unsweetened chocolate almond milk, and a smallish banana

11:45am shower!

LiveFit Day 1 Chest & Triceps
  • Wide pushups: not bad. I can do them on my toes for the most part (till I got to set 3). My last set was killer - my right shoulder gave out!
  • Sometimes, due to the amount of people using the weights, I had to improvise with lighter weights towards the end. See bench press notes.
  • I also tend to start big and realize I can't do them properly. See chest fly. I decided not to use the cables because hm, that was too complicated to set up. I actually don't think this particular gym (24 Hour Active is the smallest of the 24 Hour gyms) had such equipment.
  • I died with narrow pushups. I couldn't even do them on my knees. I ended up doing cobra pushups towards the end to continue working my triceps.
  • To prevent my shoulder from getting more injured, I went light on overhead tricep extensions.
  • The tricep pushdown was my favorite!

I'm off to buy some starches for my meals. I had a ridiculously old loaf of Ezekiel bread in my freezer so it's time to get a new one. Do you know how long Ezekiel breads last in a freezer? I may nab some sweet potatoes as well.

What's the longest time you've ever gone without cardio? Maybe 3 days for me! Maybe...
Have you tried a challenge? How long did it last? This challenge is 12 weeks!
What convinced you to do said challenge?
I've seen the results. LiveFit keeps poppin' up everywhere. I'm doing this with fitness model M.C. Barao on tumblr, which means I'll be on there a lot more now. Furthermore, I need to change it up for my body cause the things I'm doing aren't working anymore.


  1. That is great that you are trying this.I was thinking about doing it but I am not really sure. I am going to try insanity first. My friends have the work out so I am taking it from her. I am interested to see how you LiveFit trainer works out though. I think the no cardio thing is not right for me. I just cannot give it up just yet.
    Good luck with the program. I will be checking the blogs for updates.

    1. I'm going to try my best, but I love cardio too. Maybe I can do lots more yoga? I think that's okay with this program. I would love to do Insanity. When will you start? I may go and do that or P90X after the 12 weeks. Ah, 12 weeks is such a long time. I felt okay not doing cardio today, but that was more because it was just one day and probably a needed rest day.

  2. For some reason it will not verify my normal url so I had to use this to comment. strange. any way

    I think Yoga is ok with the program from what I understood. I plan on starting insanity Wednesday because with the calender you take Sunday's off but I'm gonna switch it so Tuesdays because my Tuesday is crazy busy and I do not have time for a workout so I make that my rest day. I was thinking of trying p90x but i chose this program because the workout are shorter min so it is easy to fir it into my schedule between work and school. 12 weeks is long that is also why I didn't do it now because we school it can get hard. Insanity is about 8 weeks though. Also I heard insanity is one of the best ones to make you lean. I am looking more for a lean look than a body building look. Does livefit make you more of a body builder? I will keep you updated on how it is working and how I am doing it. I do plan on doing some gym stuff too while doing the insanity so we should see how that works out.

    The cardio thing is a big challenge. I think in phase two through she adds it back in so you don't have to go too long without it.

    1. I found that non-intense yoga is okay.

      Yup, Phase 2 will introduce back cardio.

      LiveFit isn't necessarily supposed to make you look like a bodybuilder. I'm trying it because, in the past, when I did cardio and weights, I ended up doing more cardio and burning myself out. I got really slim so it worked... for awhile.

      My body was getting deteriorated and, after much "research," I found out all the cardio was burning my muscles first (because the fat is necessary).

      This is something completely different to me, and some of the fittest people I know do less cardio than I've ever done. I do add a bit of cardio in (like 10 minutes), but it'll be hard down the road (first month) to take so many rest days and do less than my usual amount of cardio.