Wednesday, February 8, 2012

WIAW: For the Love of Broccoli

I woke up to sunshine and a sore posterior. I totally didn't expect it since the workout yesterday wasn't so taxing.

First stop was a new find Baguetier Bakery in downtown Huntington Beach. I found it on Yelp yesterday and you know how I love new bakeries. They're a Parisian bakery with a Mediterranean flair. Unfortunately, at 7:45AM, they only had quiches: turkey and bacon minis, broccoli and beet (ew?), and sweet potato and Gorgonzola quiche. I went with the latter. It's huge. I had 1/2 of it with coffee.

When I came home, I topped off the sampling of quiche with a salad made with spinach, broccoli, goat cheese, cranberries, and spicy peanut dressing. I love this picture! Look at the florets of broccoli.

I stopped by Trader Joe's for some ingredients: dried mango and white chocolate... except they were out of white chocolate. Averie (Love Veggies & Yoga) mentioned they had been seasonal, but I'll hit up another TJ later to see if it's true.

I ventured into the frozen section to check out Dorot herbs. I saw them over at not martha. Aren't they the cutest? I don't need garlic, basil, or cilantro though.

Lunch was very simple today: I worked on my batch of Jamie Eason's turkey meatloaf with asparagus. :/

After work, I was super hungry. I had some almonds, a pumpkin protein bar, and then quickly made Love Veggies and Yoga's no bake white chocolate & mango cookie dough bites. Yep, I did find white chocolate chips at a TJ's near my work.

They were delicious. I melted some white chocolate to meld these together since my chopper didn't pulverize the cashews & oats well enough. :(

I took a 45-minute nap before cardio barre fusion, which ended up being just TurboKick.

Today's workout was great - my heart is still beating out of my chest 45 minutes later and I have a stomachache, which means a) I'm hungry, b) I worked my abs, or c) all of the above.

I had half of a Shakeology Greenberry to give me some energy. I already had some food in my belly so I thought 1/2 was enough... and I don't quite like Greenberry anyways.

I'm showered and now it's time to fill my belly with another staple: chicken and onions with broccoli. Broccoli feels good and warm going down. It is indeed, VEGGIE LOVE this month!

What shall next week's veggie be? After that sweet potato quiche and Fitnessista's sweet potato and almond butter combo, I'm thinking sweet potato!
What's a veggie you can't get enough of this week?


  1. I love sweet potato's. I would recommend that completely lol. Also I do not know if you like Kale but I that is one of my favorite vegetables. I highly recommend that being another vegetable to have.

    1. I need to massage my kale. I can't eat it just raw - too chewy. I love kale chips though.

  2. Replies
    1. Oh it was sooo good warmed up, and they served it with a silver, plastic utensil set!

  3. The mango and white chocolate bites look great and I love that you melted the white choc into them...great thinking :) Glad you finally found white choc, too. My TJs only carries white choc seasonally before Xmas and I know now to stock up. I've been told some TJs from NY state to southern US, i.e. Fla and NC carry it year round, too.

    1. One of the TJ's is out, but the other one said they ordered a lot of it.

  4. wow that quiche sounds divine. i never get it, but love it!

    1. I never get quiche either, but this one sounded good and I decided to splurge and split it up between two meals.