Thursday, February 23, 2012

Quickie (LiveFit Day 11)

I go big on leg day because I love it, and boy do I feel it. Though I went heavy on leg press, I really feel it in my quads, the front of my thighs.

Today was about shoulders and abs and seems to be my quickest workout.

  • I did the usual dumbbell shoulder press but went on to try the machine for it as well.
  • I'm feeling the ab exercises in my abs rather than in my back. Woohoo!
I went by Trader Joe's before work to grab bananas, garbanzo beans, a sack of sweet potatoes, and dog food. As per the recommendation of Healthy Happy Whole, I searched for blueberry fiber mini cakes. I've never noticed these but the stats are pretty fantastic: 80 calories, 12 g fiber, 2 g sugar, and 5 g protein. Those are quite fantastic... though it tastes like oat bran. Not something I would get everyday.

I went by my aunt's to pick up my food pen pal package. I can't wait to share! I ate a little bit of it with half a slice of bread.

I made dinner earlier than usual: tilapia in lemon juice and next to it, I roasted asparagus and peppers. I had the same thing for lunch! The peppers really release their sweetness when roasted. For my carb, I had a sweet potato with a slice of soy cheese.

After dinner, we headed to Walmart where I found Biscoff spread! They have two types: creamy and crunchy. It wasn't a big difference, but I bought some anyways.

My last tasks for the day: prepping food for tomorrow. I mentioned I bought garbanzo beans earlier today. Why? I wanted to make chocolate banana hummus! I saw this on Accidentally Delish's WIAW yesterday and couldn't resist.

I'm thinking of having this for breakfast. I don't have a tortilla to make Accidentally Delish's dessert pizza, but maybe some toast?

I only used half a can of garbanzo beans so I could make sweet potato hummus. I'm on such a sweet potato kick!

So... I didn't get a haircut today. Instead, I plan to get it before work tomorrow.

How often do you get a hair cut?


  1. They are really branny but for some reason I love them! I am SO making sweet potato hummus and dessert hummus this weekend. You had my mouth watering the second I read the idea!
    enjoy the weekend hun!

    1. I tried to find the chocolate banana protein muffins... no luck! :( Those sound soooo good!