Saturday, June 4, 2011

A winning Saturday

It's Saturday and you know what that means: tailgates and gym.

I nabbed some sweet cherries from the tailgate as well as a few sweets for myself including a gluten-free orange coconut cake slice. I ate some of it. I also won a cupcake from Bake it Pretty when I stopped downtown. I guessed the theme correctly thanks to my history degree or well, common sense. I chose their vanilla cupcake with orange and pineapple filling and coconut buttercream frosting. That was put into a box to go.

After my intense workouts - 40 mins on the elliptical at a high intensity, weights (great day of course when I get to warm up), and yoga-Pilates combo - I was craving meat. Maybe it's because I saw a Twitter post from Twisted Crepe about a pulled pork crepe with pineapple and mango. But no crepes here. Instead, I made use of a 50% off salad/hot bar coupon from Earth Fare and scored this delicious plate of food for $2.11.

My plate includes half veggies (spinach with a few bell peppers and a sprinkle of cabbage), a few pieces of fruit (red grapes and cantaloupe), one potato to try, and swordfish. I got a little red pepper dressing too (SPLURGE!)

Next up: no clue. Maybe it's time to meal plan and look at that dreaded resume and apply for jobs. :/

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