Saturday, June 4, 2011

Wedding cakes for all seasons but mostly warm weather

Many blogs I've seen love a wedding section. No time soon am I getting married, but I love planning, buying, looking. Wedding cakes are gorgeous. Oh and I have a gazillion (or 3) semi-close friends who are now engaged!

Whimsy, not tacky


Small white flowers on a cake are classic

More detail

More of a garden here

This one gives off a beachy feel.

Hawaiian flowers

White on white

White on white feathers? Very cool.

Modern classic

A little edgier version of dots, but it's not polka dots (thank goodness)!

Love this mod shape

Classic topper

Fall design

Fun designs that have no category
Birdies painted on

Fell in love with this when I saw it!

More glam version of dots

I guess this is beachy

Another blue one with pieces of the beach

And flowers of different colors and types

Two newbies from Real Simple!

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