Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Just eat it: cucumbers (& tomatoes)

My roommate says that sometimes you have to do things you don't like. I don't.

I won't hang out with anyone I can't stand. I won't take a job I don't think I'll like (see, I quit my job because I didn't enjoy it).

There is one exception: vegetables. I dislike cucumbers. I never ate them and would use a chopstick to poke them out of my sushi when I encountered them. Now I order them, buy them, prepare them, and drink them! I can drink them okay - it gives the smoothie a "fresh" taste, but I will quickly swallow raw cucumbers.

Why do I do it? It's healthy. Also tomatoes and cucumbers are a prevalent side dish around these parts.

Tonight, I tried to make my own tomatoes and cucumbers with some goat cheese, salt, and pepper to go with my 2 ounces of canned tuna.

I had to take bites of cucumber with either a forkful of tuna or a tomato. Anything to make the taste go away.

Speaking of tomatoes, I used to hate those too. Except I really like tomato sauce so it was easier for me to get over. I'm never going to be one of those people who eat a whole tomato like I do an apple nor do I like to pop cherry tomatoes, but if I can dig one veggie (or fruit since I'm talking about tomatoes), I can dig another.

*This post inspired by Fitnessista's post "Eat the vegetables". Her friend said, "Just eat the f*%#ing vegetables" because sometimes you have to if you want what you want.

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