Saturday, June 11, 2011

Domestic Saturday

So far, cleaning seems to go by a lot faster than I thought. I just trash everything. Okay, so my room has a few wonderful little pieces of luggage I never unpacked and my closet is a mess, but I won't be messing with those till mom gets here. Then we have a whole 3 weeks to do that.

I expected the vacuum to fail because I accidentally threw away the filter a few years ago, but it still works thanks to my diligent roommate. :)

Anyways, all that's left is to wipe down the bathroom counter and mirror and finish laundry, which I forgot so I'm doing a second rinse.

Mom has already asked my cousin who works as a real estate agent to start marketing the house. I hope that works out. It's a big "hope."

Earlier, I mentioned taking a nap, which I didn't do. It was in my e-mail from Whole Living as the thing to do for myself today though reading is okay too.

Instead, I watched "Hall Pass," which wasn't quite bad. Roommate didn't like it, but I thought it was okay. At least it was better than "Smiley Face." I readied "The Mechanic" with Jason Statham for cleaning my room, but it doesn't appear as though I'll need it. Plus, the beginning has thus far been hard to follow unless I pay more attention.

Speaking of awesome men I love (Jason Statham, The Rock, and sometimes Ashton Kutcher included), I can't wait to see "The Green Lantern!" I saw previews and love Ryan Reynolds. Before I leave this topic, I used to enjoy Channing Tatum but when did he get so unattractive in the face?

Next topic, baking. I've decided to bake more because I won't be able to soon, but you know it's a hamper on obtaining my hot bod so I'll have to stop ASAP!

Tonight, it was coconut "ice cream" with cardamom. It came out too icy. It's in the fridge though and I put in some

I made cherry preserves by pitting cherries by hand. That took awhile and I yielded few cherries. :/ I used a very basic recipe involving cherries, lime juice, and sugar. Sugar wasn't even necessary with sweet cherries.

When my roomie got home, I jumped to blend him a honeydew Hefeweizen smoothie! He liked it a lot and didn't know what was in it. Instead of using plain ol' vanilla ice cream, I used melon medley ice cream (part of the huge scoop) I bought yesterday at The Hop West.

Finally, I made peanut butter hot cross buns. Not worth it. Sometimes my yeast breads come out a tad dry because they sit out. It didn't taste very peanut buttery. *I used blueberries instead of raisins.

Of course I had to try all these, which made it pretty bad. Only one thing, the simplest one, was really worth the time. Tomorrow, I resolve not to bake and eat sweets. It'll be clean eatin' tomorrow
  • Maybe biking
  • Clean!
  • Apply for jobs!
  • 30 mins bike
  • 4 Zumba
  • weights
  • 5:30 yoga

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