Thursday, June 2, 2011

Review: Better Butter

I finally scored a deal on Better Butter - just $5 off but I needed to try them anyways.

Maple Pumpkin - Tastes like pumpkin pie filling and fall with a hint of peanut butter. FAVORITE, or maybe because I've been in a pumpkin mood, but it even trumps my usual favorite combo of honey and banana!

Nutty Chocolate Chip - There are little pieces of chocolate chips! It tastes a lot like fluffy chocolate and not so much like peanut butter though.

Honey Nut Banana - I love honey and bananas and peanut butter! The banana isn't too sweet.

I didn't order the cinnamon raisin because I only wanted to order 3 for the $5 off.

Overall, I enjoyed the butters. The drawback is that they're not as creamy as regular butters, but they were MUCH better than Better N Peanut Butter (too gooey there). There's actually texture to these.

The real test to which is my favorite will be the one that is all gone first... or last. Sometimes I save the best for last.

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