Saturday, June 18, 2011

#3: Pie. Tart. Galette. Cobbler. Crumble. Buckle. Clafouti?

I finally started to understand it all.

Pie - top and bottom crust

Tart - slightly thicker crust, but no top crust

Galette - free form crust with edges that fold over top of filling

Cobbler - batter on top, no crust

Crumble - crumbles on top, no crust

Buckle - cakey, fruit sinks to bottom while cake rises

Clafouti - A what? A CLA-FOO-TEA. I put it in this category with all other usual fruit baked goods. The fruit goes in first. Here it was blueberries then the batter is placed on top for a blueberry clafouti.

Interesting no? Good? Not bad. Very fruity.

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