Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Nut butter: it's JUST food

I'm all out of nut butter. Last night, I had a craving and I didn't have nut butter. That's good, but I made my own with pecans: toasted and placed in a blender. They turned out pretty good, but pecan butter might not be my fave.

But I'm not buying another jar. I'm going on a nut butter detox.

It's not that they're bad for me, but it's a trigger food. I don't know when to stop. I want to prove to myself that I'm not dependent on it. I got rid of French fries and even though I wasn't that into it, soda so I know I can do this too! It's just food...

I was fiending though. I need to eat more earlier because I end up craving food at night. I gave dessert for one recipes a try just for kicks. I didn't even eat them. Yeah, they weren't as cool as I'd thought.

Peanut butter chocolate lava cake for one was a mess. Not very good. It just crumbled. Maybe I just made it wrong. Oh well.

And that peanut butter banana chocolate chip cookie I was all excited about was not that great. Maybe putting all the flavors together doesn't work... I've tried a few recipes with all of them and it's a no-go.

A good dessert for one is the chocolate chip cookie dough "blizzard."

I prepared the cookie dough last night and froze bananas so while my mom had avocado ice cream in a waffle cone, I had part of this delicious and healthy treat.

I can't tell you I've been perfect in my eat-clean diet. I tried to bake tonight. I failed because all I have now is whole wheat flour and flours for gluten-free baking so I tried to make coconut-grapefruit cupcakes with matcha frosting from completely whole wheat flour. That did not work because it was like a muffin. Still, I ate it... with the green tea frosting. :/

I'm still working on cutting out sweets completely (down to once a week) , but I've eaten more protein, gotten more fiber, and feel pretty good this week.

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