Friday, June 24, 2011

Magical eats & hoping to age well

I made myself my matcha & apple smoothie (teaspoon of matcha/green tea powder, ¼ cup of Santa Cruz cinnamon apple sauce, & ½ cup of Greek yogurt).

After the gym, I had trout with zucchini spirals and a magical coconut bar.

The magical coconut bar recipe comes from Vegan Cookies Invade Your Cookie Jar. So my coconut bar was a cheat, but I made it with Fiber One so I got in tons of fiber and it was low cal.

I’ve been obsessed with coconuts lately. Speaking of coconuts, I didn’t get to eat this, but doesn’t it look magically delicious?!

I did some job searching, watched “Just Go With It,” and napped.

(image from about)

Job searching is terrible. I’m looking at teaching jobs (still need all my letters of recommendation), museum jobs, and some at 24 Hour Fitness.

Oh yeah, as I was looking at jobs at the gym, I’ve decided to add a new goal: become a personal trainer. Sounds good! By the end of summer/early fall, it’ll become a reality. I definitely think this is better than my attempt at become a group fitness instructor, which I’m still working on. Mostly that’s hard because I can’t talk while working out at full capacity and I have no musical ear whatsoever.

Not only will the goal help me advance in a gym, it’s the perfect compliment to my future career as a Registered Dietician. Plus, I’m learning all about the body and how it functions so it’ll serve me well too!

Okay, so I’m excited now.

“Just Go With It” was pretty good. My roommate said it got bad reviews, but I laughed the whole way through and barely snuck in my nap. Jennifer Aniston was great and Adam Sandler was okay too. I used to like Monica (Courtney Cox Arquette) more as a character and sometimes the characters become the actor to me. Monica was more like me while Rachel was kind of annoying and ditzy. In this movie, Jen showed her beauty and intelligence. Age has made her better. I don’t know if Cameron Diaz and Christina Applegate are about the same age, but I like them more now than before.

(image from flixster)

I watched "Hall Pass" the other day with Christina in it. The movie wasn't very good, but I loved the female leads. :)

(image from movie-area)

I woke up from my nap rather tired.

After the gym, I bought a few supplies. I went local because since I’m moving soon, I’m going to miss all the local products Asheville offers.

Amazing Savings had Roots’ black bean hummus on sale.

West Village Market has an amazing stock of local goodies and they don’t up their prices either like the bigger stores. I’ve wanted apple butter for awhile since my friends had some at their house and I had some on bread. I decided on Crooked Condiments’ Autumn Night Apple Butter.

I would wait until tomorrow for the tailgate, but I wanted some tonight on my Van’s Natural Lite waffle and Greek yogurt.

Before that, I had a Tera’s Whey proceeding workout #2 to hold me over before I showered and made my dinner.

I’ve been doing better about pre- and post- workout meals since I work out quite a bit. I believe they've helped. I'll do some more research and post some articles later. :)

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