Sunday, June 12, 2011

I curl 12s & eat churros.

This morning, I was sleepy so I skipped the AM yoga and decided on some PM yoga. Then I remembered Cycle '11. I borrowed a bike but with no helmet. I decided to just come home, read (actually did this), and napped for a good bit.

Wait wait, rewind that. I made homemade churros. Joy the Baker had the recipe and I wanted to not bake something.

I couldn't find the right pastry tip, but they were delicious nonetheless. I ate half and saw that Yancey had eaten the other half when I got home from the gym. Must be that good for Yance to eat it too.

I was forced to change today. I planned on getting on the stationary bike but had to move over to the upright bike. I hated upright bikes. I guess after all the spinning I did for awhile there, I got better. My seat is higher too so it doesn't hurt my knees. I got good and sweaty for 10 miles then went over to curl some 12's. Yeah me. I curl 12s.. and I do overhead presses with 12s! It wasn't bad once I warmed up - next up 15s! Maybe next week.

I checked out Zumba. I wasn't on point at all. Oh well. Then for some kettlebell work. Rocked a 25 pounder for kettlebell swings and then a 20 pounder for alternating arm suitcase swings.

(more kettlebell workouts here!)

I was at a loss after that so I used my trusty iPhone to check out The Fitnessista's summer shape up '11. I used the stability ball for some hamstring curl, overhead pass, and back extension. She has some good ideas for when I'm on my own and need not do more cardio.

Yoga ended up being pretty tough because my shoulders were hurting from 12 pound overhead presses.

I went to Earth Fare for some brown rice flour tortillas. Tried it. Delish. I ended up having dinner there because I've been craving pulled pork for awhile (since last week). I got a salad with some random veggies (artichoke, broc, squash) and fruit (cantaloupe, grapes).

Though it's pretty late, I'm just getting ready to clean the living room and dining rooms. I threw out a ton of stuff from the dining room, but I need to put it somewhere. Maybe the table. :/

The kitchen just has dirty dishes, and my car will get cleaned Tuesday.

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