Friday, June 3, 2011

New rule: don't weigh yourself.

Last Sunday, my friend Kyle and I went to the river and proceeding BBQ at our friends' home.

The river was gross, but I was outside. Not like I need to be outside more - the weather has gone from one extreme to the other and the sun is zapping me dry. I'm not complaining too much though cause I prefer the heat and sunshine.

We had salmon and some veggie side dishes. I tried some of her homemade bread.

My roommate asked me why I liked these of his friends more than his other friends.* I love this type of get together that doesn't involve finding ways to get trashed.

*These were initially his friends from work, but we've lived together so long, what's his is mine.

So dun dun dun, I saw a scale in the bathroom. I haven't weighed myself since I hit 130. I was at 135 then went back to 130 when I went to California for a week at the beginning of March. So at the end of May, after almost 2 months of not weighing myself, I am 125.

The sad thing is, I still feel heavy. I know ~5-10 pounds will be enough and no more. Today is my day off. I tried to go to Jazzercise, but got lost and then just came home to sleep this morning. I also skip Friday after work exercise classes because I have 30 minutes extra. I already have 30 minutes every weekday to kill before classes, and really have not used the machines for longer than 40 minutes since... March.

Not using machines for too long was a decision I made to ENJOY working out and BE PRESENT while working out. As is, I have to listen to podcasts to get through.

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