Thursday, June 16, 2011

Julie goes to Bollywood!

Remember those YouTube videos with funny English subtitles over Bollywood songs? I tried to find the original version we used to watch but couldn't locate it. Your homework: find it and send me a link.

I spoke of "secret" workouts and it has something to that.

First off, let me tell you that I totally missed the ball this morning. I woke up thinking that weight lifting class was at 9:30 instead of 8:30.

Instead, I baked then went out with my mom to get coffee at West End Bakery.

I debated for the longest time. What to do? Go to weight lifting class and Turbo or go to Bollywood? But Bollywood wouldn't give me that much of a workout as Turbo.

Finally, I decided to do Bob Harper's cardio rev conditioning. It put me a in a pool of salty sweat. But I can tell I'm so much stronger. I need some 10 lb weights though because trying to hold two 5 lb weights in one hand makes me drop one every time I workout.

Nice and sweaty, I hopped in the car to go to Bollywood and Bhangra. I bought a Groupon for 8 classes so I had to go or waste it.

Studio Zahiya a small studio in a back alleyway downtown.

We danced to this song by and about Sheila. I wish I was as hot as Sheila. Haha. :)

I didn't consider it a workout because of it's a dance studio not an aerobics studio. Which meant that I was looking for results. I was checking myself out.

My feet got all dirty and finding parking may be a problem sometimes since it's downtown. But I liked it.

I'm not sure about belly dancing classes since I was told they were more for "toning" and not so much cardio.

I figured something out: I can definitely go to Bollywood and run over to Turbo a few minutes late. Hm, maybe.

P.S. I loved the movie "Bend it Like Beckham." Is it bad that I mentioned this?

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