Thursday, June 23, 2011

Instead, feel fabulous.

Don’t feel guilty. That’s my biggie. I’m still all upset about making something when I wasn’t feeling right and then eating it. I want everything that I put into my mouth to be perfect.

When I ate half a panna cotta, I was okay because, hey, those were amazing. The failed coconut-grapefruit cupcakes (muffins really) with matcha frosting were bad and I felt like I just ate them because I could.

Okay, so I got that huge stack of books yesterday.

I got through all of Isa Chandra Moskowitz’s books. You know what? I’m not a vegan. I was and I’m not sure that was working out so well. I could do it easily. I don’t like to eat too much meat, but for health reasons, I think meat is okay.

(image from Washington Times)

Flat Belly Diet
was hands-down an amazing recipe book. I loved it. I want a flat belly and all the recipes were fresh and along the lines of meals I’d make myself.

(image from Fit Bottomed Girls)

Right now, I’m browsing through Bethenny Frankel’s The Skinnygirl Dish.

(image from Bethenny Frankel)

  • Get real. Everyone’s idea nowadays is not fat-free or low-fat. It’s about real food, and I can get with that. I’m reading Twinkies, Deconstructed by the way.
  • Know thyself. Here’s what I know: I should never have anything in my kitchen that I shouldn’t eat. The other day, there was a plate of green beans and I just ate 5 of them. If I have chocolate, same thing.
    Nut butters are my trigger food. I can’t stop myself so as I mentioned, nut butters are out this week.
  • Taste everything, eat nothing. I can’t stop myself here and I never feel full. Sitting down with a dish of food, two things at most, is best.

Finally, I looked through Unforgettable You by Daisy Fuentes while watching “Holes” last night. Daisy is gorgeous and I’d love to be like her, but let’s face it, I don’t adhere by the same rules of beauty or relationships. I’ve learned how I am and some of the tips would require me to change things that aren’t wrong with me.

(image from MSNBC)

For example, I never fold my clothes or hang them up. I put them all in baskets and sift through them. No, I don’t get wrinkles usually. I’ll clean my closet out and do all the hanging and folding once every few months and realize that I’m never going to maintain it. Is it really so bad?

Oh yeah, “Holes” was fabulous. I can’t really describe it since it was a Disney movie, but it was similar to “Tuck Everlasting,” a strange adventure through time in a Western setting. Yeah, very similar right?

(image from Wikipedia)

I almost spelled fabulous “fabolous” because I listened to too much Fabolous. His older songs were so much better than the newer ones. My favorites:
  • "Can't Deny It" feat. Nate Dogg
  • "Trade It All Part 2" feat. Jagged Edge & P. Diddy
  • "Can't Let You Go" feat. Lil Mo & Mike Shorey
  • "Into You" feat. Tamia
  • Lil Mo's "Superwoman Part 2"
  • Lil Mo's "4Ever"
  • Lumidee's "Never Leave You"
  • DJ Felli Fel's "The Finer Things"
I also loved Jagged Edge and Tamia. I may have to make a little playlist or spotlight on post on them.

I thought he was cute.

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