Monday, December 6, 2010

Wishlist for my kitch

Most of the things I want for Christmas go in the kitchen. I'm very specific about what I want.

Yancey and Gonzo were the only ones who listened to me last year and got me what I wanted. I can tell you now that everything else I was given isn't even used anymore. Except Kris. Kris was smart and got us practical gifts. Good job and Kris, a vacuum cleaner is completely acceptable. We had this discussion once and I would be happy to get one of those for Christmas.

Stop being cute and ingenious unless it's something from Bake it Pretty because I want everything there or a similar store. Buy things for me to DIY.

Kitch gifts

I don't necessarily need it, but I'd like it.

  • Bake it Pretty gift card
  • Fabric store gift card - I want to make my own stuff
  • Rolling pin (Made in England)
  • Le Creuset cookware in flame
  • Typhoon cookware in blue as long as it doesn't have words because I don't like the font
I'm not buying presents this year. I spent too much and got too little back. I never mind at the time, but looking back, it's such a waste. I buy good presents: Yankee sweaters, Star Trek Monopoly, a hat my friend wears all the time, etcetera. I take a lot of time thinking about gifts. This year, I'm only getting my mom, my roommate, and my favorite co-worker presents.

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