Monday, December 27, 2010

I hate to say it: good food, bad service.

I said a few blogs ago that there are tiny pockets that serve non-Vietnamese, non-Chinese, non-Asian food. I've tried Middle Eastern and South Asian foods for the most part, but I found out about an Argentinian restaurant. Regina's a family restaurant that shows soccer games so don't go there on game nights.

Their adjacent store isn't so much a store but a pantry. They have lots of wine, dulce de leche, and quince. I had quince once and would like more of it, but if it's only fresh.

When I came in, they only had two other patrons. They all stared at me. Everyone else seemed like they fit into this family restaurant. The proprietor even sat down with one of the families. They didn't even serve us bread and chimichurri like they're supposed to from what I read.

We waited over 30 minutes not acceptable for being just one of a few customers. I was passed hungry. Good food. Unlike my Middle Eastern pizza, my Argentine pizza was big and fluffy with sausage. I ate one slice and felt like I was going to die... only because I had passed my hunger point and that happens to me. If I eat one bite, I'm stuffed beyond recognition and my belly bloats big time.

Anyways, if you need a hearty dish fit for a giant man, here it is.

Mom took the pizza home and my cousins devoured it.

I would love to try the $2 empanadas, but I was so uncomfortable I wouldn't go back.

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