Tuesday, December 21, 2010

LA bakery road trip: Buttercake Bakery

I got lost after a successful trek to Babycakes. I always make it to the first destination, but Santa Monica Boulevard is packed with cars, people, stores, restaurants, and landmarks. Lot of stop lights too which is why I never made it to the city of Santa Monica. Anyways, I finally found Buttercake Bakery after making a couple of u-turns. It's located behind a strip mall, Sunset Plaza, but thankfully there's a sign.

The store is beautiful in a way that's different from the more urban brownstone feel of Babycakes. It's kitschy with its yellow and white stripes and light blue lettering.

They sell a lot of cupcake/baking accessories such as stationery, books, and the like, but it was their variety and mini cupcakes that caught my eye. Yet, I didn't get a mini cupcake when I'm normally tempted by them. Instead, I had researched by reading articles about the bakery and somehow decided on a lemon bar.

I'm not a fan of lemon bars.

And sadly, this one didn't change my mind. The lemon part was fine, but the cookie part was somewhat disappointing, maybe overbaked even.

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