Monday, December 6, 2010

I like my Mexican food fancy and my French food pedestrian.

On weekends, I eat a lot. Or shall I say, I eat out a lot. Sunday I went to Mayfel's for the first time and then Yancey and I went to the new restaurant Boca.

I went for the Asheville Sramble at Mayfel's. I vowed to eat eggs and loved them. There was something about them that made them orange-ish like curry powder.

Gonzo had the half-pound burger and Gio had eggs benny. Both enjoyed theirs. Gonzo at his whole burger but that's not saying much.

They have a lot of different types of eggs benny, which I'm working on perfecting myself so I'm excited to gather inspiration from them. I'm interested in a lime hollandaise sauce.

I wanted to sit on the patio but was fine inside since it was flurrying and super cold. Gonzo and I slipped several times trying to run and avoid the cold. The restaurant has a New Orleans style as evident from the menu of eggs Benedict.

I was super excited about getting to go to Boca on their opening day. I had driven by the restaurants two days previously and saw people inside but found no signs online about an opening. I saw on Twitter that they had opened when we had sat down for breakfast at Mayfel's. Thankfully, Yancey wanted to go out to dinner and I told him that I would only go to Boca. It was a good choice.

The lighting wasn't particularly conducive for photo-taking on my flash-less camera phone.

We started with mushroom empanadas. The pastry shell was less flaky and more like cornbread which they have on their menu.
I had the Korean BBQ tacos: spicy and had the sour taste of kimchi.
Yancey's hamburger torta was perfect. It featured a large patty open-faced with a torta marinated in... garlic I think. Onion rings, salsa, and cheese topped it off. I'm not sure what type of cheese, maybe a blue cheese or something like that.
I want to return for breakfast. The waitress offered me a menu to take home that featured pomegranate green tea pancakes and a signature French toast made from cornbread. The lunch menu has tons of burgers Yancey wants to try.

They have a nice ambiance. Yancey doesn't like the outdoor seating area that replaced the green garden, but I think it'll be suitable for the summertime.

One last thing, our waitress didn't so much match our food. She was extremely Southern and of course, very nice. I liked her a lot and over the weekend, I realized there's so many nice people here in Asheville even when they're not trying to sell you something.

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