Tuesday, December 28, 2010

I dream about a place like this. (Part I)

I was super excited about Palm Springs. I stayed up planning the trip and of course, I never made it hiking or to the Parker Palm Springs. We spent too much time downtown to fit in hiking before dark and stores close pretty early in the desert. Secondly, mom was 45 minutes late so we couldn't have breakfast at Norma's. I decided to go there so I could see the Parker because you can only valet your car and I found it strange to not be checking in. I did get to see the front and chat with a pink pants-clad and a pink jacket-clad employee. It's pretty hidden otherwise.

Anyhow, for the trip. Lots of freeways to get on and off. Easy to navigate. There are two main drags. You pass by the Palm Springs Visitor Center that used to be a gas station. I was in love at first sight. I wowed at everything.

We headed to Koffi first and stumbled upon their courtyard. Everyone kind of stared probably because I looked confused. They were all just having coffee and breakfast.

I loved Just Fabulous next door. They sold tons of books and paper goods, but I'm over buying all of that for the most part. I used to buy lots of it and they never got used. I'm just not good at sending cards.

Have I mentioned I want a plastic flamingo outside my future home?

Gnome bank!

Next door is Cafe Chocolat with lunch and coffee as well as chocolates. The best thing is that they serve Blackmarket Bakery Cabernet brownies! The shops are 2 hours away... insane how I see those baked goods everywhere (also at milk + honey).

Because Norma's was closed for breakfast at this time, I decided to go to Cheeky's. They're closed until tomorrow. Instead, we headed past downtown, uptown, and whatever else to Palm Greens Cafe. It's a small joint. We ordered the spinach-nut burger that was delicious, but the spinach parmesan bun was not as good as it sounded. Too overcooked. However, I was less happy with the burrito of egg, black beans, and brown rice. I found myself wishing I had ordered the wet burritio with tomatillo and sour cream to fatten up the bland burrito.

Thankfully, the vegan date shake saved them. They put a bit of cocoa powder in there that kind of covered up the taste of dates, but I just love shakes and rarely get them so I didn't mind too much. I really wanted to love this place because they were so friendly. I probably should have had their vegan blueberry pancakes that everyone raves about instead.

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