Monday, December 27, 2010

More of my non-traditional Christmas

A lot of places opened on Christmas out here in Southern California. We were graced with a sunny day after many rainy ones. I chose to go for pizza. I hear lots of people elsewhere eat pizza or Chinese food on Christmas Day. Since I'm not a fan of Chinese food much less Americanized Chinese food, I decided on pizza. Not just any pizza but Middle Eastern pizza from Al-Amir Bakery.

I started off with a Zaatar pizza with olive oil, sesame seeds, sumac, and other goodness. Warm spinach triangles with onions weren't like similar ones from Indian restaurants.

I usually order something classic and just glance at the rest of the menu. While waiting, I saw the Sfeefa with its beef, molasses, and pomegranate. Thankfully I had my mom with me and she was getting hungry.

Both were so good, mom and I finished them off. I loved the unique flavors and it must be authentic if the patrons come from Middle Eastern countries too. Right?

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