Monday, December 13, 2010

Just crafted: baking spice rack

Okay, so my lids may need another coat, but I was so excited I had to share!

I got a gazillion baby food jars from work. I emptied them out and put in my spices. Then, as I was shopping, I found baby food jar holders for $7: I bought white. I once snapped a picture of the holders because I thought they were adorable;. Not until I had the jars did it come to me that they would work well as spice holders.

I thought about etching. Too much work, little color. I chose to Modge Podge on stickers that look better in person.

I spray painted the tops "ivy green" to match.

Instead of anise seeds, I filled my last jar with yeast. It made more sense because I rarely use anise seeds though I can always change them... I have enough jars.

Next up, a blue holder with orange tops for my cooking spices!

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