Tuesday, December 21, 2010

LA bakery road trip: Plaisir

I thought I'd hop in for maybe five minutes. Nope, I got a parking ticket. He was writing it when I got back to the car. It was $50. Never mess with a West Hollywood parking meter.

For that price, I should have ordered more cream puffs.

Did I tell you that I used to work at the Orange County Fair in high school? I worked there for two summers before college. I sold cream puffs one year and both cream puffs and burgers the next year. I enjoyed watching the people, but I opened my eyes to fair food. Foodstuffs like cream puffs are safe. Don't eat the burgers, turkey legs, etcetera. Maybe the burgers; the only problem with the burgers was the debris around the truck, but turkey legs require a lot of heating that can't be done properly on the fairgrounds.

Anyways, I never like cream puffs. There are two types of cream that I've seen used. We used whipping cream in different flavors. There's also custardy types, almost like Bavarian cream.

I changed my mind at Plaisir LA. I like cream puffs especially when they're small and the cream has the consistency of whipped cream but more flavor yet not so sweet.

I ordered the best of both worlds, a cupcake with a cream puff on top. The cream puff: amazing. The cupcake, however, was the opposite: tasteless and dense. I wish I got more cream puffs though.

Oh guess what? Another celebrity was on hand to serve me: Philippe Dray!

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