Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Beige suede heels

After working out, I go shopping a little. That's why I'm wearing purple sweatpants. It's also super cold, like under 20 degrees outside, so I wore a white bubble jacket I found in our hallway closet. It's someone's ugly lost item, but it's warm. I need jackets badly because really, I dislike bubble jackets.

I did buy a peacock blue coat from TJ Maxx. I tried to find a picture online but can't seem to locate the brand, Jack. The logo for the brand is cursive and gold. I'll take a picture of it tomorrow. Anyhow, today I found super high suede beige heels. I'm looking for a patent nude heel, but beige and suede work just as well. They're supposed to make me look taller.

I always thought my legs didn't look good in heels though heels supposedly make all legs look good. I'll take back my previous thought because I think my legs look pretty fair here. Or, I've been kicking butt at the gym. Eek, look at my belly though! :(

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