Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Just baked: Homemade Oreos (bonus: ginger tea bread!)

Okay, I'm a bit early. The homemade Oreos await their filling.

I used a combination of two recipes. The cookie recipe comes from Smitten Kitchen and the filling from Jumbo Empanada's adaption of Thomas Keller's recipe. Why did I use two different recipes? Simple. I didn't have enough butter to make Thomas Keller's cookies, but I didn't have everything required for Smitten Kitchen's filling, which includes more butter.

The filling's in the refrigerator. It's a simple combination of cream and white chocolate. So far it looks watery but hopefully the refrigeration will help it thicken.

Bonus! I made Bake It Pretty's ginger tea bread. I snagged the recipe in store when I bought my only purchase on Black Friday this year, an off-white wire cupcake carrier. Gorgeous Australian-designed, but it carries 16 cupcakes rather than the usual 12.

Anyhow, I love ginger and wanted to make the bread. I don't own a loaf pan. Initially, I put it in my 3-cavity lasagna pan - it looks like a loaf pan except longer and thinner. I realized the recipe makes quite a bit so I transferred it into a square pan.

Once I cut the bread in half, it looked like two loaves so I was happy.

I was also happy to enjoy all the edges of the bread with decaf tea.

Now off to lay in bed, read Nigella's Kitchen, and watch "Despicable Me" again as I fell asleep to it earlier.

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