Tuesday, December 28, 2010

2010 wasn't too bad

Hm, I started reading tons of lists about trends and such in 2010. I've decided to highlight my personal life instead.

Let's make a list so it'll be easier.
  • I went from a flabby 130 to a svelte 115 or so.
  • I got down to 111-113.
  • I baked too much and gained a lot of weight.
  • Working out A LOT like 5 hours a day or more is possible.
  • Enjoyed working out then stopped enjoying it when I got a 9-5 job.
  • I reached an all-time romantic low with a pothead, druggie, thief, etcetera.

I learned a lot this year.
  • I can lose weight! Even though I gained some back, it isn't in the same form as it was before. It's no longer skinny fat.
  • I can work out and not be skinny fat.
  • I'm worth it. Guys kind of suck nowadays. Girls are so much better.
  • Anything I think I'm addicted to can be overcome.
  • I love to eat too much and should have gone to school to become a chef. Oh well.
  • Small children are dangerous. Give me my high schoolers.

For next year:
  • Enjoy working out and lose the weight again. This time 115 is enough.
  • Try eating a mostly gluten-free, mostly vegetarian diet.
  • Eat enough.
  • Figure out what I'm going to do next fall.
  • Save money for my iPhone. Hey, this is a priority...
  • Travel over spring break. Where? No idea yet. Suggestions?
  • Stop baking so much. Cook real meals.

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