Monday, December 27, 2010

Not your typical doughnut.

There are lots of Asian-styled bakeries. 85 Degrees in Irvine is one of the more popular with a large selection, but I'm fascinated by all of them. I like to look at all the choices. Bakeries like Tous Les Jours are different. While 85 Degrees comes from Taiwan, Tous Les Jours leans towards Japanese and Korean tastes, or so I think. They have Asian-style doughnuts and croquettes for one.

I tried a red bean filled doughnut, which was sweet like an American sugar doughnut. It was brimming with red bean paste that still had tiny pieces of bean.

The pumpkin doughnut was round and was less American. Circular and made with some type of grainy dough, there wasn't much filling at all. I may have liked it more if there was a more prevalent pumpkin taste.

Selection is smaller but not bad and a more unique variety of donuts and croquettes.

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