Monday, December 6, 2010

Block ornaments, an idea from The Big Crafty

After a breakfast at Mayfel's with Gonzo and Gio, Gonzo and I went to The Big Crafty.

I went to get ideas. I saw wood blocks painted, a nail stuck in them, and garnished with a ribbon. Ornaments. I headed to buy wood and paint. Ta-da. Here they are.

This was one of theirs. I don't know what I love...
Then I thought about what you write on notebook paper. I used Sharpies - they didn't necessarily work.
I painted my bathroom this blue color and wanted to add those red balloon decals in there too.
I'm going to make one of California also, but here's my adopted home state. Gio had no idea what this was...
This is plain, but it's cool and honestly, one of the only tattoos I'd ever get.
Another one of their ideas: twitter.
The most gorgeous one for my adopted home.

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