Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Chasing food trucks

I never got to get into the food truck obsession over in North Carolina so here goes. I was super excited about going to the OC Fair's Food Truck Fare Thursdays, but I found out about the OC Din-Din A-Go-Go at Irvine Lanes tonight. I forget how many trucks were there, but here's a list of those that I do remember:
  • Dos Chinos - longest line, most interesting menu, love the name of the Asian-Mexican food, took the longest to get my food
  • Chomp Chomp Nation - Singaporean with an American twist, a tad more expensive but lots of sweet + salty mixtures, awesome crew and lots of people inside
  • Piaggio on Wheels - Argentinean food part 2 after I ate at a poorly serviced Argentinean restaurant, nice people
  • Rolling Sushi Van - sushi but no yogurt tonight, I can't eat sushi from a van because I don't even eat pre-prepared sushi
  • Taco Dawg - late to arrive but quick to set-up, good choices of hot dogs and tacos with lots of toppings
  • Chunk n Chip - blasted good music (to me that means Maroon 5 who have a new album out soon too!), too cold for ice cream sandwiches though
  • Lomo Arigato - opened late, limited menu, not interested
  • The Lime Truck - good solid menu with interesting combinations, good not too sweet limeades made fresh and quite popular
I was so happy with the service, the atmosphere, and the food. This isn't like the last time I saw so many food trucks (at the OC Fair when I was working there). It's clean and fun.

For someone who says she doesn't like the food I make her eat, my mom grabs food pretty fast. I picked Piaggio on Wheels for her. They had specials tonight including an angus burger with bleu cheese with chimichurri fries and a champagne chicken mac and cheese. Both sounded good and we've had tons of both dishes lately so I let the guy choose and surprise me when it came out. He gave me the burger.

Everyone waited in front of Dos Chinos. I love that name by the way. It's Asian fusion food and I definitely wanted a Hollywood chicken taco even though I just ate the chicken. I just don't like corn tortillas.

From Dos Chinos, I couldn't resist the strange Sriracha-Tapatio tamarind cheesecake.

This is crack. Better than the French toast creme brulee from Break of Dawn. It's a kaya coconut stuffed French toast for $5.50 from Chomp Chomp Nation, much cheaper than most. It's two slice of bread filled with something and exotic dragon fruit, peaches, mango, etcetera on the side. Yum yum.

The spicy cheesecake was too much for mom. She made me go get her a drink so I ordered what everyone else ordered, the Chilean cherry limeade from The Lime Truck. They had some good things on their menu, but well, everything else won my heart tonight.

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