Wednesday, December 8, 2010

I have a problem with ornaments & other crafts.

I've purchased all the makings for ornaments but haven't quite started or finished one.

Retro cupcake ornaments need twine/ribbon to become actual ornaments.

My wood block ornaments are half done. Some finished but in need of something on the back. Maybe I can develop a logo. There are quite a few that I've painted but yet to decorate. Then there are plain white ones. They all need nails and ribbons.

I got air-dry clay for faux sugar cookie ornaments. First, I must start the wood blocks though.

I have paper for modern paper ornaments. I can do this with the kids at school. I started one. Maybe we can make a few at school each day and eventually make enough of them.

Finally, not an ornament but I bought a berry basket for my recipe cards. I can do this when I get to California actually. Well, I won't be able to take the basket but I just need index cards.

To remedy this, I'm writing a schedule for my crafts, in addition to baked goods, also. Here goes:

  • Thursday, December 9 - finish cupcake ornaments
  • Friday, December 10 - finish wood block ornaments
    Ideas for wood blocks: cupcake, Christmas tree, menorah, snowman, etcetera?
  • Saturday, December 11 - work on faux sugar cookie ornaments
  • Sunday, December 12 - work on faux sugar cookie ornaments

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