Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Just baked: a whole lot of cookies

I've made Joy the Baker's super soft pumpkin chocolate chip cookies twice, which is more than I can say about any other recipe. I usually like to try new recipes and new flavors.

I went for a pumpkin chocolate chip recipe from a blog called Bitchin' Camero. It's just that cool. Maybe I should have given my blog a cooler name...

Grandma Capune's banana cookies sounded like a good idea when I thought of the holidays and fruits.

Finally, to finish off the night, Mexican chocolate cookies with Ibarra.

I'll be wrapping 4 cookies up apiece, or so because there's not enough for 4 each, in either cellophane bags or farmer berry baskets. I'm also making a little extra surprise to add to the cookies! Also, you can see there are only 3 cookies tonight; another one is in the fridge, needs to be rolled out, cut, and baked which is more work than I have time for tonight.

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