Monday, December 6, 2010

Holiday baking schedule: classic cookies, etcetera

As I'm writing my meal/workout plan Monday, I decided to add my holiday baking schedule for the rest of the year, or until I leave for California on the 17th.

Traditional desserts
I've completed my traditional desserts, finding that everything comes down to being a fruit cake or a sponge roll. For example, Panettone and Christmas puddings are essentially fruit cakes. Yule logs and buche de Noels are similar to sponge or Swiss rolls.

I chose a tropical fruit cake, which I did not soak in rum for a month. For the sponge roll, I picked a passion fruit sponge roll, which I made with Ceres passion fruit juice because I couldn't find a real passion fruit. Of course, I also made two gingerbread houses, a mid-century modern home and an eco-chic home.

Classic cookies
My list includes a gingerbread cookie, thumbprints, rugelach, Dorie Greenspan's world peace cookies, M&M cookies, shortbread, sugar, Oreos, and possibly madeleines.

I've completed the gingerbread cookies (Ninjabread men), eggnog thumbprints, chocolate/caramel and lime glazed/tropical fruit rugelach, world peace cookies, and coconut M&M cookies.

I only have four more to finish and a few other things to bake.

Tuesday, December 7: Thomas Keller Oreo cookies

Wednesday, December 8: vanilla chai white velvet cupcakes

Thursday, December 9: shortbread buttons

Friday, December 10: None
Saturday, December 11: None
Sunday, December 12: cookie clouds

Monday, December 13/Tuesday, December 14: persimmon cupcakes

Wednesday, December 15: Nigella's Dense Chocolate Loaf for my co-worker

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