Monday, December 13, 2010

Just baked: Heart sugar cookies

I failed in my search for a cloud cookie cutter for cloud cookies. The cookies are part of my holiday baking, a creative take on sugar cookies. But I've never been a fan of cookies till recently. I like cupcakes. My cookies always ended up cakey and my cakes never rose. Somehow cupcakes [and whoopie pies] always worked for me. I learned though. My cookies and cakes became better.

I haven't invested in cookie cutters. There are just too many. Tis the season for lots of holiday shaped ones too. I have a set from long ago. I want more, but I don't know which. I'll make a wishlist of cookie items I want. Instead of clouds, I used a heart-shaped pancake mold. It works just as well.

Anyways, I decorated with squeeze bottles. It was my first time and they worked wonderfully!
I continued to decorate the hearts like I would clouds.

They taste a little hard like store-bought cookies not like my usual soft type.

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