Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Just baked: Vanilla chai white velvet cupcakes

The vanilla chai white velvet cupcake recipe from Dr. Gateau uses lots of spices, which reminds me to add spice jars to my list of to-dos. Recipe cards can wait till I go home where I will put away some of my favorite recipes.

Anyways, the cupcakes ended up fluffy. Baking soda is dissolved in white vinegar - I should look up what it does exactly to the batter, but white vinegar did made the baking soda fizzle.

The frosting encompassed just as many spices and smelled like winter. I definitely picked a good cupcake recipe for a cold wintery night.

I skimped on frosting for each of the 16 cupcakes I made. I ate one. I was supposed to keep 16 to put in my cupcake carrier. Oh well.

And here are the finished homemade Oreos. So, the filling didn't work out.
[cookie recipe via Smitten Kitchen; filling via Jumbo Empanadas]

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