Monday, December 27, 2010

What Asian fusion food should be.

Mom has been commenting that all the places I want to eat are in Southern Orange County, the ritzy part of the county. I thought she'd be a little upset by the fact that I wanted to go to Laguna Beach for Asian fusion food. Though she likes it, anything Asian should never cost so much. Break of Dawn is expensive, but it's also delectable.

I felt like I had to order their French toast creme brulee and mac & cheese from the reviews. I've eaten a lot of French toast; it's my favorite and I'm always trying to avoid it. I couldn't avoid this one. A few days ago I had creme brulee French toast from Whole Foods. Big mistake. Break of Dawn's French toast creme brulee involves delicious French toast in a bed of chocolate creme brulee.

Mac and cheese simmering in sauce with an egg on top. Also good. The actual mac and cheese was fancy; not as much cheese. Maybe I just prefer my mac and cheese more traditional.

Big portions that you want to finish. Pricey but pretty worth the unique tastes. Oh yes, they're only open from 8-2. Very limited hours, but I think it's a smart idea to keep the demand high.

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